Monday, January 7, 2013

What's Miss Nat Reading?

 ...well, she's not really reading anything, but she has an opinion on what is read to her!
(this kid has an opinion on most everything nowadays!)
I thought I would try a little something different with this post. Natalie has really been showing favoritism with some of her books/toys lately. Thankfully they are all ones that I really enjoy reading & playing with as well hehe!
These books (& puzzle) are great b/c they are interactive, & she LOVES them!
I have no shame when it comes to making silly voices & funny faces to tell a story. I swear this kid gets me! Her & I can look at each other and just crack up laughing. She starts showing off & being a little ham everytime I get to Grandma's to pick her up!
What can I say, she gets it honest!
Here are some of our "don't leave the house," without books. I always toss one of these in the diaper bag if we go anywhere!  Sadly, I have them all memorized, so if I am driving I will just tell her the story & she will laugh along with me.
I will get started with this guy first. Her Granny & Opa got her this last Christmas. The big wooden knobs are perfect for those little hands, & she is slowly figuring out how to place them back in their slots. She enjoys hearing me make the animal noises more than anything. Again, no shame!
I can "QuAcK" like a duck, & "mOOO" like a cow with the best of 'em!
Now for the books!
A friend of ours got her this for her 1st birthday. It has really helped in her learning "touch!" Having her learn that has made it click for her when we tell her "no touch," when it's something no mommy's chocolate dog food bowls!
She flips back to this page constantly b/c she we call the dog "Ribby," b/c he kind of looks like our own beagle boy! She adores her fur brothers!

This book tricked me. I didn't grow up reading this book (which makes me sad b/c little me would have loved it I'm sure.) I bought this at a T.J.MAXX for like 3$. It is a little hard back book. Pefect for crazy baby animals that like to chew on everything. However, I was ShOcKED! to find out that there is more to this book. I saw it at Target in a full paper back version & the story is crazy LONG! Ours just ends at **spoiler alert** when they chicka chicka BOOM BOOM fall outta the tree! Hmph! Now I have to get the big version too!

I picked this book up at a children's thrift store one day. I love Mermaids & I love that the last mermaid of the book has "red/orange" hair like my little Mermaid Natalie!
She loves touching all the mermaid's fancy accessories!
I will let this book speak for itself!! I believe they carry it at Target. We may be needing to purchase another one soon. Aunt April bought her this, & OH MY has it been LOVED!
(Side Note: Blue duct tape does not come with purchase!!)
I will end this post with the book we end every day with! A must have in every child's library! Thanks again Aunt April!
My sis bought me this book when she found out we were preggo!
It may need duct tape soon as well ;)
I hope if you don't have any of these books for your little ones that you definetely pick them up!
OH & please recommend any books that you think we will love! We are building our library up!
puzzle: Melissa & Doug
books: Baby's very first touchy-feely animals book by Stella Baggott
            Chicka Chicka ABC by Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault
            That's not my mermaid by  Fiona Watt
            Peek-a-Who by Nina Laden
            Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown



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