Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Santa, Panasonic Lumix G-5!

I am not usually one to enter any giveaways, but I could not pass this chance up! As I was scrolling through my reading lists & catching up on some blogs, I came across this awesome review/giveaway from The Small Things Blog!!
How awesome is this camera!?! EEK! I need this guy in my life.. like right now!
image from www.panasonic.com
Kate, from The Small Things Blog did a great review of this camera...& it has me seriously wanting to mark everything on my Christmas list off & just putting this on there! I am no photographer but I LOVE taking pictures and pretending I am. I am crazy over the fact it has these awesome filters already built into it. I am usually stuck with my iphone using the instagram app. to change up my photos....& having a one year old I am constantly snapping pics of her. I also love that it is a great size. Lord knows one more bulky thing couldn't possibly fit in my diaper bag....
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Santa can bring me one if I don't win.
Oh & Santa Baby, I forgot to mention one little thing.....free shipping until Dec. 31, 2012!!

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