Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!!

... I told myself that I would make it a point to get at least one blog post up a week!
shame face...
So let's catch up on what the hell-O has been going on with the daysofdennis!
I guess I should just start with the MAIN reason my itty bitty corner of the
blog world has been neglected!
It was a dark & stormy Halloween night. Ok, not really but it was Halloween night. We really had no plans at all. I didn't even have a "costume" for Miss Natalie to dress up in b/c I knew she was too little for any real trick or treating. I did have a cute little cowgirl "costume" a friend of the family had given us before she was even born. It worked out perfectly! It even came with the cutest boots too!
She was having so much fun pulling candy out of Lloyd's head!
Some days I still cannot believe I have a little red-head.
After the candy cowgirl monster was done sorting the chocolate out for mommy we decided to head over to our neighbor friend's (Jeremy & Julie) house to hang out for a little bit & check out the other trick-or-treaters!
I tried to catch some cute pics of Natalie's "first" trick-or-treating with Auntie Julie.
She honestly could care less...she just wanted to run away from me the whole time...just a small glimpse of the rest of my life I'm sure ;)
Red-Head's UNITE!
It started getting pretty chilly outside so we decided to take the pumpkin head inside.
This is where the night made a turn for the worse. Natalie started walking around 10mnths, but she still gets around like a drunk girl downtown on a Friday night. She is pretty clumsy, & the fact that she loves to spin & get dizzy doesn't help. So, I know I probably have a quite a few nights like this night in my future....unfortunately.
We got inside & could not have been in for more than 10minutes when my sweet girl tripped and hit her lip perfectly on the corner of our friend's coffee table. I knew as soon as I heard her go down that it wasn't going to be pretty. When I say it bled...OH MY did it bleed.
She hit it just right that it cut a huge gash in her lip.
 I knew we had to get to the emergency room with a quickness.
& to top it off Andy & I were dressed like elves! I mean really...is this happening right now??
The bleeding actually stopped pretty quickly & we were able to run home & change clothes. She only cried for about 10mins. I was shocked b/c it looked horrible!
The next part of this story I hate to even relive. I will just say no mother/parent should ever have to see her baby go through anything that makes them hurt. Helping with four other nurses hold my sweet baby girl down while they gave her 5 stiches in her lip was probably more traumatic for me than her...but still is something I pray never has to be done again!!!
She passed out from pure exhaustion once they were done. I even had my fair share of tears as well. It was a long night with her to say the least. No one got any sleep. I even stayed home from work to snuggle her all day.
She has healed so quickly & it is looking great. If you follow me on instagram (missnat11) you can see updated pics of her & see that she is completely fine.
I know it could have been so much worse. She could have hit or eye or something else crazy.
(I'm trying to find the silver lining here...ya feel me?!)
Anywhoo- after that it just seemed like I couldn't catch up with anything. Plus I was deep in the middle of my training for my half marathon (which I plan on posting up next).
OH & here is that silly video of us from the zombie walk I mentioned as well.
Natalie was such a good sport she laughed at everyone she was around.
My child has an odd sense of humor! :)
(beware: lots of fake blood- ya know...zombie stuff!)
Thanks for sticking around! & I pinky-promise to do better :)


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