Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So, I signed myself up to do this little Fall Bucket List. The adorable Marie, whom I first started following through her vlogs, check her out here, has put together this fun little challenge.

First Up! My favorite MEAL.
Actually I have to be honest, I don't really have a go to "FALL" meal that I always look forward to making. The only thing I could think of was chili, but I'm definitely NOT winning any chili cook-offs with my version.  However, I do enjoy baking this time of year. I thought I would share my favorite baked good.
It would be the oh so delicioso PUMPKIN ROLL.
It is a well known recipe but I just LOVE IT!! I always look forward to making it.
Here is a few pics of me putting mine together.
I may have to go get another piece out of the fridge after putting these pics up. I am obsessed with pumpkin, but add some cream cheese in the mix.....AhhhMazing!
I so look forward to this time of year because of the seasonal yumminess that Starbucks offers. I am not a serious coffee drinker, actually I never drink it. Here is the problem I have with it...It's not the smell or "taste" that is an issue. I actually have no clue how to make it. Is that the most ridiculous reason you have ever heard ? I mean I can make a pot of coffee, but when it comes to mixing and adding stuff...I get flustered & poor it out. I envy those of you who can walk up in there and rattle of some crazy order. It is totally intimidating to me. So, I get stuck ordering off of the easy menu :)
Insert my favorite lil' dranky drank here!
The PUMPKIN Spice Frapp.
I love the cold, smooth, pumpkin yumminess this little guy has all wrapped
up in it's TALL size body.
(and of course I want whip cream on top...did they really have to ask?!)
 My go to outfit is a nice pair of fitted jeans with some tall boots & a super comfy sweater.
 Boots & Jeans: Target

 Sweater is from Old Navy! I love that thing!
Can't get enough of the red in those leaves. I wish I could pull those trees up and plant them all in my front yard. I'm sure my hubby would love to have more leaves to rake up!! hehe
Our sweet lil' family started a new tradition this year. I was dreaming about this last year, but my baby girl was so small we had to go to a small little pumpkin patch near our house.
She was born in early October with "orange" hair...she is truly my little pumpkin head.

Natalie's first Halloweenie dressed as a skeleton.
This year we got to take her to a bigger venue with tons of pumpkins & tons of fun!
This will be an activity I will look forward to the most I think every year. What a perfect day.
Check out our whole day HERE!
Sorry it is not the best pic, but I would say my colors for fall are a lot of greens & browns. They compliment my hazel colored eyes. The colors are from an old Nars sample I was given (sorry no name on them) & then I add bareMinerals glimpse color "Peacock." It is a pretty shimmery green.

I know this isn't make-up, but being a nail tech I had to throw in a pretty
nail color that is fitting for fall.
This is an Essie color I picked up at Target: "Wrapped in Rubies"
 This last item on the Bucket List kind of stumped me. I did not get a chance to pull out any of my "Fall" decor this year because we have been non-stop this month. I have started really trying to get this blog going, train for a half-marathon that is in 2wks EEK, celebrate 6 birthdays, 1 baby shower, & all the those other little adventures that fell in between!
However, our old friend Lloyd always makes an appearence this time of year regardless.
He is our candy holder, & one of my favorite pieces of holiday "decor" this time of year! I am calling him decor ok...so just go with K?!

He may look spooky with that mischievous smile on face...but don't be alarmed! I mean he is holding a sweet pumpkin face & has CANDY coming out of his head. Well, ok that is a little creepy but we love him & I love handing candy out of his head for the trick-or-treaters!
Marie thank you so much for putting this fun bucket list together for everyone. I have really enjoyed every bit of it. I can't get enough of all the FALL FUN to be had!
Thanks for stopping by, & comment below on what it is you order from Starbucks!
I may have to write it down to order it, but I will need something new when my pumpkin treat goes away....sad face!

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