Friday, October 5, 2012



I am super pumped! Looky what I just got in the mail!
I am in love with Instagram!
(if you wanna follow: missnat11)
I started using Instagram at the end of my pregnancy. So, Miss Natalie's first year of life I have a picture for every holiday & every little event we went through together. I found this website.
They have some really cool things you
can have made with your pics!
Natalie's 1st Bday Party is Tomorrow & I am so happy this came just in time!!
I can't wait to hang this up for her party tomorrow!!
P.S. Did you see this spooky lil' guy sneaking around?!
My sweet friend (turned neighbor) Julie, dropped him off the other day & he was such a sweet surprise! I smile every time I see him! I LOVE YOU FALL-PLEASE STICK AROUND!
I can't wait to post pics of Natalie's 1st BIRTHDAY CIRCUS EXTRAVAGANZA!!!
Stay Tuned!

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