Friday, October 19, 2012


I don't even know where to begin for this post. I guess I will just start with the facts.
Our daughter is part Crab.
Yes, you read that correctly.
She has the perfect little pinchers & she knows how to use them!
 Don't let that sweet little crab you see in that picture sway you!
Oh no no no! I am being completely serious right now.
You got me?!
Let's see if I can explain a little better. Andy Pants & I are not quite sure where this all began. Our little Crabby Natty earned this name early on. She has always had this weird fixation on rubbing on our arms or neck when we would rock her to sleep. It started as a "aww melt my heart" kind of thing. I mean what parent doesn't melt when their baby rubs on their arm with those soft little Johnson & Johnson baby hands?!
Well, from there she started getting control of those fat little baby hands, & learned how to use her fingers. Especially how to PINCH, & every day they got stronger.
Sure, pinching is a great tool to have as a wee-one.
-Picking up tiny puffs or food
-Turning pages in little books
-Pulling tiny threads on Mommy's sweater
-Being the Ultimate Competitor at a game of "Operation"
-Tightening those tiny screws in Grandma's glasses
-Picking up every tiny speck on our living room floor
 that Momma missed with the vacuum
You get what I am saying here?
This ain't no joke!
I mean even Andy Pants is scared to be shirtless around her.
Lord help him if she gets ahold of one of his nips! YIKES!
(FYI: this HAS happened...ever heard a grown man screech like a little girl?)
Here is a great picture as proof of what I have been trying to convey.
She is double teaming me with both hands in this pic. I went in unarmed, knowing good & well what I was getting myself into. Look at my red neck!
OH, & let me forget to trim those little daggers she calls nails.
I swear she sharpens those things every night.

Why don't you swaddle her hands down you say?
This child has HATED being swaddled since the beginning.
She cannot stand to be wrapped up. What do I do?!!
Use Socks on her Hands you say?
HA! That only worked when she had no control of those pinchers.
I have even tried putting a silky blanket on my arms or around my neck to get her to get the affection for something else...& not human flesh!

So, now here is my new game plan. I'm a little scared she may find my eyes.

She doesn't only do this now when it's time for bed. She will even find that nice sweet spot on the back of your arm, while your checking out at a store, that will make you wanna scream & holler like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert.

 It has brought tears to my eyes.
(I look like Natalie Portman in Black Swan w/ those sock hands)
Can anyone out there help us? I am clueless on how to break this habit.
These pinchers are only getting stronger...& people at work are starting to question these bruises ;)

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