Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus...

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. October is a big month in our family for birthdays, 6 to be exact. My sister, April, had my nephew a week & a day after I had Natalie. We even have another 1st birthday to go to this coming weekend. (Andy Pant's nephew's son was born a couple weeks after Natalie as well) That's 3 in a row! I have chalked it up to a party month & I have been cramming every chocolate covered oreo I can get into my mouth. Actually the last 3 months of the year are party months. I love this time of year. The holiday season is MY FAV, & October definetely kick starts the festivities.

 Happy Birthday, BOO, Happy Turkey Day, HO HO HO, & 3,2,1 Happy New Year!
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So we packed up my parents brand new RV & headed up North to the beautiful state of Virginia. Traveling with a toddler in an RV is so much more convienant.
 I can pack my whole house up practically.
Although packing for a toddler is just plain ridiculous. Even if we are going to Wally World to buy groceries five minutes from the house, we have to pack like we are going camping. I just like to be prepared for whatever experience we may encounter, & if you have a toddler you know exactly what I am talking about.
Who doesn't love that perfect timing of a diaper explosion. BLEH!
I was so worried about what to pack for Miss Natalie that I completely forgot to pack my OWN pair of jeans that I planned on wearing for the main event: Carson's 1st birthday party. Thankfully there was a kick ACE Target near my sis' house. I know I keep getting off of subject but I am so jello of the selection at her Target then at the one near us. Their FALL clothing choices are killer. I had to make sure I just bought jeans...they were a perfect fit with my boots.
 I was too excited to finally put my boots back on!
We arrived in VA around 6pm on Friday. We fed the kiddos ,
let them run around & destroy play in the house before bedtime.
Once bedtime came for them, a little drinky drinky came out for us.
It was a long day & much needed, don't judge me.

Morning came & the party planner in me got to work. The theme was a YO HO HO, Pirate Party. My sister found some of the cutest Pirate "treasures" to decorate with. We lined the driveway with pirate flags, and set out tons of bandanas, gold clip-on earrings, foam swords, tattoos, & chocolate gold coins any pirate would "kill" to have! She rented a bounce house for the kids & all that was missing was the barrels of RUM for the adults.

Here are some pics of another successful first birthday!
 A quick pic of my sis & I preggo together!
Hard to believe we both have just celebrated our babies 1st birthday.

We were able to reuse our little pinterest project we made for Natalie's Circus Party for the Pirate Treat Table too!
I see us using that stand at all our parties!
Carson getting some bounce house time before all the kids get there
He loved it!
Then it was time to get the party started. My mom made him his Pirate Costume.
Have I told you my mom is an amazing crafter. She should have her own show for realS!
MOM LOOK! Dad is a Pirate!
Cute pics of the Birthday Boy we hung around the canopys!
Sista Sista! Rockin' the Pirate hats my mom made.
Cute little Pirate ship cake my Mom made as well.
I'm telling you this woman can do it all. I only wish I can learn half of her skills.
Natalie looking for treasures.
She did not stop moving once the party started.
Giving Pirate friend some kisses.
She got a hold of my cupcake when I looked away. I have never seen her move so fast.
That's my girl! Outta our way when it comes to chocolate.
Then it was time for the birthday boy to taste some of his yummy smash cake. My mom made him a little treasure chest to dive into.
"I pity the fool who tries to touch my cake"
The bad girl in me wants to photoshop a little middle finger on that hand. He just looks so hardcore with that little look & his tie on. Love that Face!
Well, I am finishing this up as we head back home. I like to pretend I am I am pop star traveling in my tour bus. Minus the hair & make-up & and no screaming fans....just a screaming toddler :)
I know we have another birthday this weekend to attend, but I am hoping we can squeeze in a fun fall trip to the pumpkin patch with our own little pumpkin head. I have always invisioned my own little one running around the pumpkins & through the corn mazes. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Is anyone else doing any fun FALL trips? I would love to hear what traditions you & your family have!



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